Think About Fire Escapes, Ventilation And Sash Usage Of Each Room.

Small details matter when making the decision to go ahead ahead and buy new double glazed windows. 

It is important to think about the actual function of each window in each room and make sure you get the full benefit of what is on offer concerning sashes , openers and ventilation.

not all windows in the house will need easy clean hinges as half of them will more than likely be on the ground floor and be easily accessible.

Easy clean hinges make it easy for you to open the window, press a button and slide the sash into the middle of the opening to enable you to clean the outside of that pane of glass and allows you to reach round to the fixed pane installed next to it.

The easy clean or egress hinges also double up into fire escape hinges which allows the hinge to fully extend in to a 90 degree opening and allow a person through or fire fighter in.
they are only technically a fire escape when the actual opening is 610 mm or more.

A standard PVC window will only normally open to around half of the egress hinge.

Normally any house would only need one of these windows in an upper room. Preferably on to a roof or something that can be climbed on to.

Looking at how the windows in each room open is important also as windows opening from the bottom are more suited to homes that have blinds so as not to disturb the blinds when opening.

Rooms with possible access from outside would benefit better from a smaller opener at the top as to put off any type of attempted burglary. Any sash in a window that looks like it can be climbed into and looks an easy target and in a shaded area is too tempting.

Use trickle vents in the windows that are in rooms that generate a lot of steam. These vents can be closed at will and allow a small trickle of air to slowly disperse moisture when the house is not occupied.

Dummy sashes can bring massive benefits in aesthetics. They are made in the same way as the actual openers but gives the frames a distinct dimension and bulk which looks better and suites older properties.

They don't actually open as the older timber dummy sashes didn't do either.This is slightly more expensive but benefits the appearance of certain properties.

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