Glass Packers, Failed Double Glazed Units, Service Calls.

From an installers point of view there are problems that have been around which seems forever concerning glass packers and costly failed double glazed units. Not only in money but in unnecessary measuring and fitting time.

There are a few systems which have attempted to address the problem, but the fact is that a 28mm double glazed unit will need a glass packer that accommodates a 28mm DGU with a 2mm overhang and the allowance for the compression of the gasket once the internal glazing bead is clipped in.

Most systems allow for the width of the unit and don't take the compression or overhang in to consideration. Therefore on installing the glazed unit all of the glass may not necessarily be sitting on the packers all the way along. 

Usually due to either fitters not checking or bothering or that the disruption of banging on the window to clip the bead will disturbed the packers. 
It may even be that all the glass wasn't sitting right in the first place due to toe and healing or a slightly misshaped DGU.

With really hot sun on the glass during summer months sometimes also in sunny winter days the glass with will heat up and over a course of time if not sat correctly will eventually begin to slip and the compound holding the 2 panes to the joining space bar will reveal a small hole. 

This only needs to be a fraction of movement and reveal a pin hole,  and as the window systems are designed to allow water in and drain themselves through their chambers so there will always be a certain amount of water inside the window at any time. This water condensates inside the chambers on heating up and makes its way into the Double glazed unit. 

Only a very small amount of water need get into the are between the 2 panes to create a full pane condensation effect. Seems like a simple flaw to fix in the first place rather than argue about guarantee times on the glazed units or fork out for a replacement and send installer to go round - measure up first -  then go back and install. 

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