5 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Installation team.

Although customer service and quality of finish is king when having new double glazing fitted, have you ever thought about how it is the other way round.

Fitting teams are used to being in other peoples houses and highly trained in installing but an unwelcoming and nervous customer who has no trust in theses individuals can spell problems.

A customer on edge or who thinks that they know better is always a major put off and will start to cause relation issues throughout the fit.

It doesn't mean doing stand up comedy sketches or inviting them to the pub for a pint and a game of pool. 
Simple tactics will soften up any pressurised fitting team, as they will be under pressure already from the window company they are representing.

Its always difficult having any trade come into your prised possession and take over,  as the windows are all in different rooms around the house. Having bathrooms and kitchens installed are different as they are confined to their individual rooms and is a bit easier.

Taking into account that your team are friendly seem professional and have protected your home from dust and debris how do you get the best out of them... and maybe a few free extras?

Because most people want their showers or baths re sealing or a few free tips on how to do something else the professional way.

1) Easy one but ignored a lot | keep on the tea and coffee. Its no wonder fitters take the knock straight away regardless of their trade when they have to wait until 11 am to be offered their first cuppa. 
With most trades being out from 7am onwards and having to load up and get rid of the previous days waste they will be dying for a cuppa as soon as they are welcomed in. You may set to strict times of the day for drinks yourself, but get straight onside on asking as soon as you can.

2) Trust | The windows will need to be installed throughout the house and you may feel your privacy is being invaded. Be smart not to leave anything of any value lying around. Although it would be stupid to steal anything,  from a fitters point of view they are the only ones that have been in there other than yourself and couldn't really deny anything. So why would they take things? Have a little trust,  companies don't employ thieves.

3) Don't stand over the workmen | Its one of the most annoying habits any customer can have . No matter how enthusiastic you are don't stand over the fitters when they are doing the job they are highly trained to do.
It will cause the fitter to be on edge and be put off or miss calculate a measurement. It will be detrimental to the job. Enquiring from time to time is fine, just don't put them under unnecessary pressure.

4) Don't insist on the team eating lunch in the house | A lot of customers think they are being helpful by insisting that the fitters can eat their dinners in the house rather than sit in the van. Insisting this will only make the lads feel as if they are obliged to do so, and to refuse would cause customer offence. They can't relax in some else's house or speak their minds through the worry that the customer may over hear them and their conversations. It wont be the break that they are entitled to.

5) Don't judge the job until it is finished | The biggest mistake a customer can make is to start looking over a double glazing installation part way through when things aren't finished and start to fret. The worst thing to do is worry over night,  and on the fitters arrival ambush them with questions and insinuations. 
With new windows and doors there is a lot of unsightly marks to cover over and making good to do before the product is completely finished. 
It can seem as if the house is being taken apart sometimes,  but as mentioned above trust is the key. If the job isn't up to the standard you expected once finished then feel free to pick up on a few things and the team will be glad to put them right before leaving.

If you appreciate the work,  and it is up to a good standard - and the lads have worked hard and everywhere is clean......

Don't be mean and tip the lads. 

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