Don't Panic, Your Not Under Siege !!

Many people put off having home improvements done due to the dreaded thought of being over powered by teams of lads barging their way through and destroying everything in their path.

Well the truth is that it's not usually the case and the thought of having work done shouldn't be a daunting one. 
If you have a kitchen fitted or bathroom installed it is confined to that particular room. When you get all new windows and doors it will affect virtually every room in the house. 

The Double glazing industry in particular has had to improve its image a lot as there was an increasing amount of reported problems through the media. Programs such as Watch dog were reporting large national companies leaving houses in dis repair all over the country. This increase in major snags went hand in hand with high demand for double glazing in such a short period of time.

This not being an excuse for the problems, but with managers, owners and chairmen of these double glazing machines profiting massively with no concern for the customers whatsoever.

Things have changed dramatically as the competition has increased and the demand for windows and doors has levelled out.

Therefore much more care and attention to detail is taken to increase the popularity of that particular company. With potential recommends high on the agenda with every job,  as it is the best form of advertising the difference is clear.

The difference between  the year 2000 and now is massive concerning looking after peoples property, clearing up properly, protective sheeting throughout where the work is being carried out. 
Even the finish and care taken to remove and carefully re install the double glazing has risen.
No company wants snags or a bad reputation so most companies avoid this scenario at all cost.
Most companies will even move furniture and empty the windows and surroundings for you with no problems. Some companies will even go as  far as re fixing blinds as some people are unsure as how to go about attaching new  blinds to their new double glazed frames.
The double glazed customer service has gone through the roof, prices have come down to a realistic level and the pressure tactics are all but gone.

So its a completely fresh outlook for the double glazing industry and a new image especially now that government backed organisations have regulated the industry for the last 10 years or so, getting rid of the cowboys and improving overall quality.

Large national companies who have large overheads and employ professional sales reps will still push their luck and they will be more expensive. But it all plays in to the hands of the local well run double glazing firms who will respect the fact you chose them over the national double glazing machines.

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