Don't Be A Shrinking Violet When dealing With Trades.

When hunting around for potential businesses to install new windows and doors, bathrooms, kitchens or even heating systems and plasterers it can seem a little bit daunting. 

All  because of what price ? will i get ripped off like the people on the TV ? and also what quality will that particular trade offer. Because when the jobs finished its too late to change your mind.

 It's a minefield finding your way through endless lists of companies that are trying to out do each other and offer great benefits to do business with them. It's true that your gut instinct will be best to pick out the preferred few to get quotes from , but where do you go from there?

Initial research in to the products you would like is a start,  and speaking to family and colleagues who have work done is another avenue.

But what if you are going in blind and don't have the time or the attention span to trawl through endless forums on impartial specifications and opinions on the products you want installed?. 


1) Generally the bigger the company the bigger the price tag, especially national ones.

2) Every business and company wants to take something from everything rather than loose the work completely, which puts the ball directly in your court.

3) No company likes loosing out to a local rival. The balls even further in your court.

The frame of mind 98% of people have on dealing with trade quotes is that they intend to get the best deal for their money regardless of what trade is needed.

That's all fine until it comes down to receiving the quotes and having to choose between them.
The process of elimination will differ from customer to customer but the mistake a lot of people make is taking the quotes as their final price with the option of no movement whatsoever. 

The truth is in fact, there will almost always be movement in price regardless of what your criteria is for picking out your preferred company.Even a small amount is possible.

As mentioned above Every company regardless of size and trade want to take something from everything and would like to have the luxury of a backlog of work, especially in tough financial climates.

As good business is to have consistency and great service. Its all fine and well having massive peaks then massive troughs, but massive peaks bring as many problems as the troughs.

A | Peaks bring the desperation of more staff required short term and more mistakes made through mass upturn in orders and installation, therefore reputation drops. Bad news spreads fast

B | Troughs bring staff employment headaches and huge overhead problems with lack of cash flow. 

So you have chosen your 3 companies and 3 quotes are received,  what to do know?

no one is ever going to pick a name out of a hat so there is a process.

1) Who do you trust, after all they will be working on your property and will be operating throughout your home.

2) They will all claim to use the best double glazing products but which comes most highly recommended on the net. Is there images of previous work or previous customers who can vouch for their services.

3) Companies that slag off the competition are scared of competition and struggle to match their rivals like for like so therefore resort to underhand tactics as they have no confidence in their own products and service.

4) Technical knowledge | which company or representative of that company seems to have the best technical knowledge?  It will matter greatly on surveying and installing the correct product.

5) Don't just look at the price,  look at the overall service, guarantees and trade associations they are part of. Insurance backed guarantees and experience is important. Have a gut feeling and ask questions if necessary.

Once that's done..


Now you have a preferred company in mind but in your opinion they seem a little bit pricey speak up and ask the question.

" If we agreed to go ahead with the job would there be any movement in the price as we prefer your company.? "

99.9% of businesses would alter their price tag on having a potential customer on the verge of a contract agreement. How much each individual business moves on price would be amongst themselves to offer but would be far more beneficial to you as the consumer.

Companies would much prefer a bite off every quote rather than have the customer accept that's the final price, and base their choice simply on that. Companies would much prefer you to approach them rather than chase the customer in a awkward scenario. In fact probably put the customer off.

Its important to realise also that sometimes prices are tight and can't be altered but it's well worth a go.

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