So Many Conservatories Ready For Next Generation And Will Be Cheaper Second Time Round.

Around the country there are so many conservatories that are in desperate need of a replacement.

 As the standard guarantee on a conservatory is a 10 year from any installer there is a lot that are out of guarantee, unmaintained , unsightly, not very well insulated and still just about standing.

Not only that but the ones that have been either done badly or or wrong will start being detrimental to the home they are attached to.

Double glazed PVC conservatories were considered a luxury only a few could afford,  then  planning relaxed on them and the prices came down enough for them to start popping up in virtually every other garden.

The only problem with the conservatories that were installed so quickly over a short space of time is that the majority were in white PVC and some used cheap materials. The building regulations on conservatories aren't the same as within the house boundaries so they don't need to fall in to insulating guidelines.

Most earlier conservatories used the cheaper versions of the polycarb roofing panels which are useless at withholding any heat at all.

There are improvements on the panels but they are still a mile off the A rated glass units installed today. Which have the added bonus option of them being self cleaning.

The glass in the frames will usually be toughened safety glass as this is the normal mandatory rule of glazing in a conservatory as the dwarf walls fall short of the 800mm height requirement.

The new A rated options of glazing will make massive differences in the winter months and also help keep cool in the summer. Altering the style of roof such as gable conservatory roof can give a different dimension and outlook.

Sun Damage  

Sun damages PVC  throughout the year and older versions of roofs and their parts start to perish and become brittle,  therefore creating problems with the rain.

The PVC  is constantly expanding and contracting throughout its 10 year guarantee and moving all the time. Newer second generation PVC roofing systems are manufactured to withstand far more weather through innovation and design.

Cheaper To Replace Second Time

With an already standing base to build off then the cost of having the lower building work carried out is not there.
 As long as the base is level and has sufficient drainage for the escaping rainwater and no sign of damp or water damage it will fine.

The average cost of a simple average sized base is going to have cost around £ 4000 to 
£ 5000 so its a good saving initially. 

It will also have the advantage of speeding up the job as the only thing that needs carrying out is to De construct the existing conservatory and install the new one. 

No more waiting around for the weather to pick up so builders can turn up to start digging and laying bricks.

So many people move in to a property and accept that the conservatory they have acquired is there for the long term. Even though they can only use it in the warmer months of the year.

There is also the option of styling the conservatory space in to a new more modern style of hybrid orangery with columns and internal soffits for small sunken spotlights creating an environment you want to be in.

Upgrading a conservatory is an investment in usage of space and investment into a better lifestyle through out the home.

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