Treat Timber Windows Every Year ...Alternatively Covert To PVC

Timber windows are the most natural warming effect that every home would benefit from, apart from the fact that they are not any where near as energy efficient and need constant attention, repair and maintenance.

If the wooden windows are not kept properly with the correct treatments the weather will get in and start to manifest itself slowly at first then gradually enough to become uncontrollable from an nonprofessionals capabilities.

Time consuming painting labour year in year out and mind numbing treatments are something that need to be gotten rid of especially for the middle aged and older home owner who isn't getting any younger. 

The prospect of climbing up ladders and perching in uncomfortable situations to weather seal timber frames is a daunting one, and its a good job there is an alternative.

PVC windows and doors offer all the benefits that anyone would need compared to timber.

Energy efficient

Almost maintenance free as they will need hinges etc spray oiling every 6 months

No need for painting and treating

No need for filling and sanding

Double glazed compared to many timber frames although some are double glazed but are no where near as efficient as PVC 

Easily wiped clean with a damp cloth on the internal side.

Highly insulated frames as well as the double glazed unit 

Lower your carbon footprint

Fully recyclable at the end of their life

Much more secure with composite integrated locking mechanisms and shoot bolts.

Handle locks on all functioning sashes

PVC will not warp or deteriorate in the wind, heat or extreme weather.

Available in all kinds of finishes to closely imitate timber windows and range in colours such as the reds, greys, blues, rosewoods, and oak as well as black and greens.

Stylish bevelled and scotia frame finishes with internal beds to match.

Night vents for bedroom venting in the summer months

A rated glazing available to combat condensation

A rated glazing to lower bills

A rated glazing to keep the rooms cool in the summer months as well as keeping heat in , in the winter months.

Guarantees that cover the windows for 10 years-  so no worries about performance or 

Added option of easy clean/ fire escape hinges for multi purpose sashes. 

20 real reasons not dig out the paint brushes and start the dreaded climbing up ladders to treat timber windows and doors.

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  1. Timber windows are more likely to be repaired successfully than pvc alternatives, making them the ideal choice for a long-term investment as your product will have a much longer life if looked after accordingly.

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