Interest Rates Are So Low, Make More On Your Money With New Double Glazing

With interest rates at an all time low and have been for some time, and also for the foreseeable future the only real guaranteed way of using savings wisely in difficult times is to make money work for you - and that is to invest. 
Using a section of savings to help you gain a better percentage than the banks are offering with minimal effort is the best way of tackling the issue. 

The best thing to invest in to is a sure thing right?

So anything that will repay you, earn or save you money with no effort is a good idea right?.

Possible investments 

Renewable energy sources can claim part of this scenario, and with house prices being at their cheapest for over a decade is another fair investment idea. But the renewable energy route isn't a proven one, and is very expensive. 

The initial outlay can be as much as £ 15'000 for a standard installation of solar, with the system probably paying for itself in as much as 15 years time!!. And that system will more than likely be out of date pretty soon with smaller more effective ones taking their place as they begin to evolve ever more.

Buying a dilapidated house or flat to do up as a hobby or side line is going to take even more money pumped in to it with plenty of headaches along with trades problems, and if you want to do it yourself lots of spare time and energy.
That's all taking into consideration that you can sell the property at the worst time ever and that you actually add any value at all in an ever shrinking market.

Therefore a sure fire way to invest and get that investment to work for you is the ultimate in double glazing.

With the term and product double glazing being around since the 80's its only been regarded as an alternative to timber windows with many, and with some peoples simple assumptions that 2 pieces of glass is better than 1. 

These PVC windows and doors have evolved a lot quicker than any other installed product on residential properties and stand on their own as the main energy saving product. They will give the best return year in year out, and aesthetically improve the appearance of your home not to mention the quality of living inside.

Although an A rated window will look and seem aesthetically the same as an ordinary PVC window from the early 90's they are actually light years apart in performance and have the 
added bonus of making and saving you money.

It is important to realise that a PVC window isn't a standard window any more, even though you can be easily mistaken in to thinking so. There are many home owners who had their old timber windows replaced with 1st generation PVC windows and doors around 15 years ago and thought that was job done......

Unfortunately that's not the case as all products, techniques and materials have evolved to create the ultimate environments for inside our homes. The difference in quality can be a complete upgrade in lifestyle for the family rather than part of the house that needs replacing

The comparison in 1st generation to the 2nd is something similar to someone trying to compare an old clapped out run of the mill vehicle from 15 years ago to the newer GTI tuned up sports version of the same thing in 2012. The looks may be similar but the performance will be completely different and will show a mile.

Savings to be made (approx)

The saving on energy bills can be as much as £150 to £400 a year depending on how many m2 of glazing there is in the house.

If the banks gave a return on the same amount per year it would well be worth keeping the savings in the bank. But it certainly doesn't seem like its going change any time soon.

On the average cost of new double glazing which  for a 3 bed semi at approx £ 4500
each year it repays you an average £300 yearly and every year onwards.

Installations can be done in stages to save initial costs such as front first and back second - the savings will be the same in ratio.

With the added peace of mind that every aspect of the 2nd generation PVC windows and doors save Co2 emisions through manufacture, saving on heating and are completely recyclable at the end of their lives.

How much carbon will I save?

Savings of between 680 kg and 1 tonne of carbon dioxide per year compared to single-glazed windows 

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