Finish off PVC windows without a load of damage inside

With So many people having new PVC windows installed it sometimes leaves an unsightly internal cill board that has been a bit neglected over time with cracks, poorly filled cracks, unprofessional sanding and painting and doesn't finish off the entire look that you were hoping for.

A replacement internal window board can be the answer for a lot of customers who don't mind re plastering and painting around the edges of the boards as they are difficult to remove with causing plaster damage.

Timber would normally be the best product to use at this stage and many still prefer it, but there are now new laminate wipe clean, anti warp, anti scratch internal window boards that can finish off any look of the internal side of a PVC window.

Alternatively to that there is the availability of a PVC cover board which is the route many people choose to go down.

They can be cut easily to the shape required and stuck down with a good grade adhesive. They also come with matching ends to cover over any cut ends.

The only flaw with these cover boards is that they are not as easy to keep as the laminates. But offer benefits in cost, ease of installation and are quicker to install. 

They also wipe clean just as easy as laminates and as long as they are not scratched or have hot cups put down on them will look as good in 10 years time no problem. 

The capping boards come with a lip that hangs down at 90 degrees that covers the front profile of the existing unsightly timber cill board.

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