Double Glazing - Invest In The Best You Can Afford

With double glazing it is important more than ever to invest in the highest grade of glazing you can possibly afford. Even if that means waiting a while until  you are ready to go.

With technology moving quicker than ever in the glazing industry to keep up its beneficial to do research in to what you are trying to buy, what is being offered and more importantly what are they trying to sell you and what is its heat retention value.

With triple glazing on the horizon and aluminium making a grand re entry to the residential sector, potential buyers can be bombarded with all kinds of specifications and ratings. No doubt from a novice point of view it can be hard to find out exactly which is the spec you require.

Don't only think of the windows in the property, the front and back doors need attention too as they are a notorious source of drafts and cold spots.

The larger the area of glass the more important it is to invest in Argon filled cavities between the glass and to possibly think about potentially putting in triple glazing , which will consist of a combination of different energy saving panes of glass and various filled cavities to attain an A + onward status.

Many styles of composite doors already come with certain glass designs triple glazed which not only offer better insulation but also ease of cleaning as the designs are encapsulated within the double glazed unit which sits within the door.

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