Double Glazing Southport - Are Guarantees Too Long And Are Customers Getting A Really Good Deal Compared To Other Industries?

When considering buying a product, in general the guarantees you acquire in the process are not that long when compared to the ones given out by double glazing firms. In fact these double glazing ones are some of the longest around and some seem to want to take it further.

There are some manufacturers who give out already 20 -25 years on their roofing systems, but what installation guarantee will they be getting to back up the overall fit?

In comparison to the double glazing industry which states 10 years,  sometimes with certain parts of the windows and doors having less depending on the part -  who comes near to match that type of warranty without an added bought extension to it.

Some of the various products and industries we most commonly use are ....

Combi Boiler - 12 months

TVs / DVD Players/ Home electrical goods -12 months

New car - 3 years

Car / Van parts - 12 months

New carpets - 5 years

Vinyl flooring - 2 years

Clothing - 14 days return only faulty goods

Mobile phone handset - 12 months

Phone battery - 6 months

New sofa or furniture - 12 months

Kitchen appliances - 5 years

Child's bike - 12 months

Block Paving - 2 years only if maintained as advised

So looking at it from a consumers point of view they are getting a great guarantee and backup service for their outlay.
Some of the above products have complex moving parts and we can accept that they will go wrong from time to time but to not get more than 12 months on the majority has to work in the favour of the double glazing industry as it gets further and further away from its old dodgy reputation.

Some could argue the point that windows don't move and just sit there year on year, but would need to realise that they are taking all the weather and elements that protect the family's warm quite environment. 

The fact is that all upvc doors and composite doors also get a 10 years guarantee and are a huge system of working parts in their own right.

So why does certain parts of the industry seem to want to take it further to the point that it may have a guarantee that is almost unbelievable and not seem so genuine any more?

It's a bit desperate to offer something that you cant back up just because you are incapable of competing on a standard level.

With probably most double glazing bosses and managers from time to time thinking why do we have such long warranties and installation back ups? why do we keep going back to over used and mistreated window mechanisms and replacement handles / DG units ?

Why doesn't anyone start to withdraw the the length and start to come down to a reasonable length of time which is more believable and can be guaranteed without the fear of some unsuspecting consumer wondering when that particular company will fold and wipe out all of their guarantees and start afresh under a slightly different name?

Companies will go out of business in all industries for illegitimate reasons its a way of life, but if everyone in the glazing industry thought 5 years was more acceptable-  then the disgruntled customer of 9 and a bit years ago wouldn't go to the back of the que for a month and would almost always return for any further work in the future GUARANTEED.

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