Double Glazing - Great deals Available Early On In The Year

As with every January and February there are desperate attempts from all industries including the double glazing sector to try and tempt potential customers with a real bargain.

The truth is that there are very good deals to be found, but the usual research in to products and companies still must be done for peace of mind and to get the right approach.

PVC Fitters need feeding with work and vans need to be on the road, its as simple as that.

A lot of business's survive January from what was organised before Christmas but still need the cushion of having work to run straight on to. Therefore it puts the ball firmly in the customers court to go and get competitive quotes from double glazing firms in their area.

You will find all kinds of work ranging from windows and composite doors/ Rockdoors  to fascias and gutters being really good value for money, something that may not be on offer further in to the year when things always pick up.

So for the home owners that didn't panic pre Christmas about getting their windows installed for the holidays, there is a better deal on offer and being patient will really pay off.

With lots of snow and bad weather since mid December there are lots of snow and wind damaged fascias, soffits and guttering. So the best time to have this fixed is in the first two months of the year as it will be far more affordable than at any other time of the year.

Remember as the clock is ticking in towards the spring and summer months, the more work builds up and companies availability will go down, therefore raising overall prices. So its is important to get your double glazing quotes early on and it may surprise you at how much you can save.

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Double Glazing - Invest In The Best You Can Afford

With double glazing it is important more than ever to invest in the highest grade of glazing you can possibly afford. Even if that means waiting a while until  you are ready to go.

With technology moving quicker than ever in the glazing industry to keep up its beneficial to do research in to what you are trying to buy, what is being offered and more importantly what are they trying to sell you and what is its heat retention value.

With triple glazing on the horizon and aluminium making a grand re entry to the residential sector, potential buyers can be bombarded with all kinds of specifications and ratings. No doubt from a novice point of view it can be hard to find out exactly which is the spec you require.

Don't only think of the windows in the property, the front and back doors need attention too as they are a notorious source of drafts and cold spots.

The larger the area of glass the more important it is to invest in Argon filled cavities between the glass and to possibly think about potentially putting in triple glazing , which will consist of a combination of different energy saving panes of glass and various filled cavities to attain an A + onward status.

Many styles of composite doors already come with certain glass designs triple glazed which not only offer better insulation but also ease of cleaning as the designs are encapsulated within the double glazed unit which sits within the door.

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Double Glazing - Cold Weather Should Be A Wake Up Call For The Future

Blizzard conditions are an extreme example to suggest why people need to upgrade their double glazing to A rated, but the build up to these conditions are a wake up call as to how cold winters are going to get from now on.

Global cycles suggest that it will be more consistent than ever before that when winter comes the short extreme amounts of cold and icy weather will be colder than previously experienced.

The preparation for these winters are in the way of insulating, through cavity insulation, loft insulation and insulating double glazing.

Although lots of people opt for cheaper heat generating multi fuel and wood burners, the heat needs to be retained otherwise the whole process is pointless.

And with energy bills strangely always being put up at the colder times of the year, the long term money saving option is a viable one. Investment in the correct products is the only way that the family can be assured lower bills and a more comfortable warmer home environment in extreme weather conditions year in year out.

Upgrading the front door of your home to the newer composite doors which carry far better U values will prevent a large cold area in the hall way, as the front door which sometimes consists of side frames and fanlights cover a large area.
Any heat generated in the hall way will be pointless and lost, so the cold air will flow through the house eliminating any other warmer areas.

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Double Glazing Gives Lifestyle These Days.

With the Double glazing on offer these days you are buying much more than just windows as it is a lifestyle that you are investing in. 

Never before have the windows and doors available been so contributing to the quality of life within the home, especially as the weather continually gets worse every year.

The warm, secure quiet atmospheres in the home gives peace of mind that the family is benefiting from the modern age of glazing and advanced insulating techniques.

Not only insulating and retaining heat but also starting to deal with the effects of condensation and moisture control.

Most people would relate lifestyle purchases to high quality branded vehicles or far flung trips, but the truth is that the difference the best double glazing can offer makes sure that the lifestyle within the home gives a peaceful respite from the day to grind of chasing the better lifestyle breadwinners require.

All the children in the household have safe, secure, dry and quiet environments to carry out any homework and studies efficiently with no undesirable weather or condensation effects. 

With the intention of eventually introducing triple glazing and a whole new process of making the home eve more efficiently insulated the lifestyle will only get better for any proud home owner.

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Double Glazing Southport - Are Guarantees Too Long And Are Customers Getting A Really Good Deal Compared To Other Industries?

When considering buying a product, in general the guarantees you acquire in the process are not that long when compared to the ones given out by double glazing firms. In fact these double glazing ones are some of the longest around and some seem to want to take it further.

There are some manufacturers who give out already 20 -25 years on their roofing systems, but what installation guarantee will they be getting to back up the overall fit?

In comparison to the double glazing industry which states 10 years,  sometimes with certain parts of the windows and doors having less depending on the part -  who comes near to match that type of warranty without an added bought extension to it.

Some of the various products and industries we most commonly use are ....

Combi Boiler - 12 months

TVs / DVD Players/ Home electrical goods -12 months

New car - 3 years

Car / Van parts - 12 months

New carpets - 5 years

Vinyl flooring - 2 years

Clothing - 14 days return only faulty goods

Mobile phone handset - 12 months

Phone battery - 6 months

New sofa or furniture - 12 months

Kitchen appliances - 5 years

Child's bike - 12 months

Block Paving - 2 years only if maintained as advised

So looking at it from a consumers point of view they are getting a great guarantee and backup service for their outlay.
Some of the above products have complex moving parts and we can accept that they will go wrong from time to time but to not get more than 12 months on the majority has to work in the favour of the double glazing industry as it gets further and further away from its old dodgy reputation.

Some could argue the point that windows don't move and just sit there year on year, but would need to realise that they are taking all the weather and elements that protect the family's warm quite environment. 

The fact is that all upvc doors and composite doors also get a 10 years guarantee and are a huge system of working parts in their own right.

So why does certain parts of the industry seem to want to take it further to the point that it may have a guarantee that is almost unbelievable and not seem so genuine any more?

It's a bit desperate to offer something that you cant back up just because you are incapable of competing on a standard level.

With probably most double glazing bosses and managers from time to time thinking why do we have such long warranties and installation back ups? why do we keep going back to over used and mistreated window mechanisms and replacement handles / DG units ?

Why doesn't anyone start to withdraw the the length and start to come down to a reasonable length of time which is more believable and can be guaranteed without the fear of some unsuspecting consumer wondering when that particular company will fold and wipe out all of their guarantees and start afresh under a slightly different name?

Companies will go out of business in all industries for illegitimate reasons its a way of life, but if everyone in the glazing industry thought 5 years was more acceptable-  then the disgruntled customer of 9 and a bit years ago wouldn't go to the back of the que for a month and would almost always return for any further work in the future GUARANTEED.

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