How To Fix A UPVC Window Or Door That Has Dropped And Is Catching

Most customers who have had double glazing fitted either incorrectly or a long time ago will have experienced the annoyance of windows or doors catching. 

This is primarily due to installers not Toe & Healing at all or the weight of the item has gradually made the sash/ opener drop and start to catch.

There is a technique known as Toe & healing that is specifically for the lifting of openers that any confident DIY person should be able to carry out. 

The technique is similar to the one used on view on garden gates where there is a brace on a diagonal that prevents the gate from dropping. 

This Toe & Heal technique works in the same manor but is an invisible brace due to the brace being used on the 2 corners of the glass with the use of plastic glazing packers to prevent any breakages.

Most people will require a good glazier or builder to deal with this simple operation but can be done with the use of a sturdy plastic or wooden wedge for lifting the glass in its hole and plastic/ rubber hammer to re bead the window afterwards. safety items such as gloves and safety goggles would be a benefit just in case.

The beads need to be removed first which can be done with the use of a sturdy wallpaper scraper or similar thin stiff tool to get in between the internal beads and the frame. A chisel will be too thick and destroy the bead to frame meet.

Once removed the glass needs to be removed and have packers placed in the positions shown in the diagrams below. 

It is important to position the packers in the correct place to brace from otherwise the technique will not be a successful one. Avoiding breaking the glass at this point is important and can be costly. 

The idea is to place the packer on the opposite side of the edge that is catching usually the hinge side.
The opposite diagonal corner then will require the same packer. this can be siliconed on to keep it in place. usually 5 mm packers or the ones that came with the frame at this stage.

Then place the glass back in its hole and gradually build up on the top edge of the glass still in the opposite diagonal corner until the opener can be moved with ease and isn't catching.

Don't be scared of lifting the actual frame at the top to create a gap, making sure to hold on to the window handle to prevent it opening and causing any breakages. The use of thin 3 mm packers will be necessary on the top to get slight lifts at a time.

Be sure to push the packers right in as they will catch on the beads when re beading up.Re bead the window up and trying to put the beads back in to the same place


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