Double Glazing Versus Triple Glazing

There is a lot of debate in and around the industry and potential customers about which is better triple glazing or double glazing.

With the extra cost layout for the triple do you get a far better product than the highest rated double glazing?

There are few things to take in to contention as with triple glazing.

There are more materials obviously and more labour to manufacture.

There is also the extra time needed to trouble shoot during installation as there is extra weight. Extra weight is coming from the extra pane of glass and hot seal around the edges. Its not a considerable amount of extra weight but enough to slow down installation to the point where extra counter weight installation techniques need to be used and extra care taken to ensure perfect function of the window product.

Double glazing on the other hand even at its maximum rating of an A doesn't slow down installation and only needs slight tweeks to allow for weight on the openers and nothing really changes in cost except the small percentage to upgrade from a C rated unit to an A.

The efficiency difference is where the triple comes into its own. Not only has it got the extra pane to combat noise pollution and retain heat but can carry off a higher rating and U value than the highest double glazed unit. 

A triple glazed unit can be coming in at around 0.8 whereas a double can be coming in at around 1.8 to 1.6

To put that into perspective a brick wall is approximately 0.3 which is as low as you are going get if that was as an insulated cavity wall.

So the extra cost of triple glazing isn't just a case of  well there's an extra piece of glass so it should be a third extra on the units.

The best advice is if you can afford it you should go for the highest efficiency glazing that you can. As with many technologies they gather momentum quickly and you can get left behind. But at the same time if you purchase the A rated double glazing then you will be getting value for money with great benefits in comparison to a timber window or basic 15 year to 20 yera old none rated glazing.


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