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If you are looking for the perfect combination of value, quality and service we can provide all 3 with flying colours.

With so many companies offering similar products it can be a minefield working out who has the better product versus price, and more importantly what service you will receive. And what state will my house be in afterwards?

Therefore that is where we excel, as we offer the most efficient glazing available, the longest lasting PVC window frames, the most reliable working parts, offer the best guarantee, can beat any genuine like for like price by 10% and give our customers the best experience in customer service and efficiency from start to finish.

Any after care is instant, along with all the fringe benefits of insurance backed guarantees and FENSA submissions to make sure that your installation no matter how big or small is above board and is certified.

Usually we can work out a fixed price within 24 hours and a simple call to the property can take as little as 20 minutes to get some basic measurements and style ideas. No hard sales or talking through brochures for hours like many other double glazing suppliers. 

We provide all of our brochures on line so that you have access to all of our products instantly. We can even drop off samples for when you get home from work and pick them up when you have finished with them. A service that suites many.

Sometimes we can even get you those eagerly anticipated new windows installed within 5 working days which a lot of our many happy customers appreciate. 

Many window and door operators aren't very flexible with moving installations around to suite your needs, so with some inferior companies you could be waiting up to 2 months or more. We consider working around our customers busy lives and work holidays a priority so this helps a lot.

 It also helps that we are on hand for ease of contact, to talk, email and text 7 days a week right up to 9 o'clock at night as we realise that people work unsociable hours and don't get a chance to organise such things as double glazed windows within " normal 9 -5 working hours". Our competitors doors close at 5 at the latest so it can be difficult.

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How To Fix PVC windows.

Many people having previously bought double glazing may have broken parts or wear and tear after years of over use or lack of regular maintenance. 

To maintain PVC windows is important as it will prevent any further expensive outlays for minor breakages down the line. 

Spray oiling all moving parts and including hinges and shoot bolts, along with the entire underside of the openers where the small cams sit. these locate in to the window keeps on closing the window. These all need spraying as these are the first parts to seize up. With windows left open it allows the elements to attack the metal moving parts.
The most common part of a PVC window that fails is the double glazed unit that sits inside the window. This is not an easy repair for a novice to complete. It will take an accurate measure in width depth and thickness. It will also take an expert and their tools to remove and install , so its an idea to leave this to the experts.

It is easy to replace a broken handle which is one of the most common failures to a PVC window. These can be bought at PVC outlets and DIY stores.The video below demonstrates the ease of change. Most window handles should fit another regardless of age as the spacings between the fixing screws are the same. This is not the case with door handles as the spacings between the screws and the handle spindle differ a lot from brand to brand. 

The other major flaw in many windows is the silicone seals internally and externally. It is important to keep up on any gaps that appear due to the PVC window frame expanding and contracting throughout the day. Firstly remove the entire run of the silicone and clean off with a PVC solvent or similar solution. Use the best silicone you can afford and be advised by the DIY shop. It may be more beneficial to use decorators caulk internally as it easy to paint over. There is a step by step guide to silicone sealing below. 

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Warmer Winters With New Double Glazing ::::: Southport | Merseyside

Its unnatural to start thinking about winter when the cold weather has just gone.

But good planning and good quality products will ensure the home you're family lives in is a completely different environment next winter.

The image shows the newest style and technology in PVC windows and general A rated double glazing that is available.

Note the inside chambers of the windows are insulated as well as reinforced to prevent too much expansion in the heat.

As standard the windows are internally glazed. 1) for security reasons . 2) for ease of installation so it prevents double glazed units being carried up ladders. 3) for better U values and air leakage performance.

The image also illustrates a triple glazed unit sitting in the window as opposed to a double glazed unit people are most familiar with. These systems are available now and will be more common over the next 2 years as insulating and heat retention goes to another level. 

The panes of glass are adhered together by a compound and spaced apart by spacer bars. The spacer bars  function as conductors of heat and allow the edge of the glass to attain a 3 to 4 degrees warmer state to try to combat the effects of condensation.

This set up in the image is representative of all A rated windows being installed now except for the triple glazed status.

The profile of the actual PVC window part are also more contemporary and desirable than previously as attention to aesthetics is just as important as the functionality of new double glazing for the perfect effect.

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Beautiful Windows :: Double Glazing Make Over

With the weather getting better and many proud home owners are having a chance to get in the garden have a good look at their property. Eyeing up the potential work needed will probably involve new double glazing or fascias.

Even if the windows that are fitted at the moment are PVC the chances are that they will need replacing if they are over 10 years old or more.

The benefits speak for themselves as windows and doors are far more insulating than ever before and it will be very beneficial when the colder weather comes in the autumn. Considering the winter just gone which lasted a month or so more than expected it would be a great idea to insulate more.

Easy to keep black with white available internally

Not only will the energy conservation be beneficial but the overall cosmetics of the property as there are many different colours and styles in windows available to give that bespoke look over your neighbours. 

Make your house stand out with Irish oak effect or be bold and go for the creams or greys. Or be conservative and clever with maintenance and cleaning in mind and go for the black grained windows.

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Sealed Double Glazed Units And Why They Fail Or Condensate With Moisture.

Many previously installed double glazed windows from 10 to 20 odd years ago will inevitably end up having failed or misted units. There are various reasons for this failure and the first can simply be down to the construction of the double glazed units.


If the quality of the DGU's( double glazed units) is poor to start off with then the life of them will not be very long. Many companies expect this to happen and only give 2 to 5 years on the glazed product , but give a full 10 years on the PVC frame.

The DGU's are designed to sit within the PVC frame held in by a PVC glazing bead and sit on top of glass packers therefore allowing any water that manages to get in behind the gaskets to easily drain away around and below the DGU emptying through purposely drilled drainage holes directly beneath .
The water then works its way through the lower chamber and on to the either the PVC cill which the window sits on, or through the front of the lower part of the PVC window which is face drained.

If there is any blockage of either of these drainage holes it will cause a back up and the frame will begin to fill up.

It is not unusual to have a trace of water inside the PVC frame at the bottom as it designed to be self draining.Any water being held will mean a blockage somewhere.

The installation cause

Many older DGU's may have been sat directly in the window frame without any sort of glass packer beneath. This can be the cause of many failed units as 1)  they are sat in there own water and 2)  the hot melt that units are sealed with when heated in the sun can stick to the inside lower of the PVC frame and 3) if they are not sat on glazing packers correctly they can slip in the warmer months.

Glass Packers

The Glass packers should be suitable ones which are sat square on the lower part of the frame and be the correct width of the overall thickness of the DGU so neither of the 2 panes of glass can slip at any point when heated up on a sunny day. 

Packers should be square and touching both the inner and outer panes. The packer should be seen to reach the very outer of the glass edge and inner glass edge to give peace of mind it doesn't slip even when glazing with the beads are knocked in.

Many failed units are down to this installation overlook and even though it doesn't seem as if one of the panes has slipped, it only takes a pin hole and a drop of moisture to condense a whole double glazed unit. and ruin the look and effect of a PVC window or door.

The right way

Be sure to use a company that gives 10 years on the Double glazed units as well as the PVC windows and doors.

Make sure the glass units are sat correctly on the correct width glazing packers.

Make sure the drainage holes are all clear for water to run through.

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Window Quotes And Double Glazing Installation

In a world that is for ever increasing in speed and less time to do anything, we seem to be cramming more and more in to the hours of our day.

During work and also the small free time we have at home in the evening. So how do you get and an idea of price for some nice new double glazing or a couple of doors for your home that you are working so hard for.

The Dinosaurs of the industry will still be sending round a representative to talk the back legs off you before you ultimately decide that they are either too annoying, overpriced or just taking up too much of your precious time. After all all you wanted was an idea of window and door cost including fitting, some time to think it over and maybe get a couple more quotes in.

There is an alternative to this from a few forward minded operators were you can get a window quote on line and receive it back pretty quickly. Usually the same day, most of the time within 24 hours.

Compare this to the old school scenario of sending a rep round and waiting a couple of weeks while they process the quote and eventually get round to posting it. Wait a day or 2 for it to arrive and then you finally you get the opportunity to compare quotes like for like.

Chances are that there has been so much time spent on the process and the wages it took from both the rep and the employee who actually did the quote and posted it,  that it will be the least competitive of the lot.

With most people now shopping on line and being use to using email, the far easier way to get quotes for double glazing and beautiful replacement doors is use an on line window quoter system which will give you a quick answer to what you require. It takes away the nonsense of dealing with annoying reps who cant keep to their times and wont leave the house until you sign for the work you need.

The opportunity is also there for as many follow up emails as you like for questions and request more advice.

Surveying the job will be a different issue as access will be needed.

Tip:: Always slightly oversize the size of windows and be accurate with the style you require to make sure the quote will cover any wrong measuring on your behalf. Be detailed about where the windows are such as 3rd floor or over a conservatory.

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French Doors - Double Glazed Doors- Patio Doors

French doors or sliding patio doors are a great double glazing idea to bring in more light .

They will also give the room more dimension and the sense of space as the light floods through.They are great idea for a room with minimal light which also can allow access to the patio or garden

Transforming and converting a window into a set of double glazed French doors is quite easy and you will see the benefits straight away. This can be a bit more costly as the removal of the window and brickwork below needs to done. Along with any making good the plaster work, skirting and tread board internally.

Although it seems like it could be a potential huge messy job, the truth is that it can be done sometimes within a day in good weather.

A Converted Window To French Doors

The same can be done for the sliding patio doors, but usually smaller openings will be installed with French doors. 

The double glazed sliding patio doors can span larger areas as French doors have a smaller overall threshold in width. This is due to too much weight in the doors causes them to drop, so the openers can only go to a certain size.

The overall security has never been better as the hooks, roller cams and deadbolts give peace of mind that they can't be prised open . There is also the added option of upgrading the key cylinder to an anti -snap lock to prevent any break ins from technical minded thieves.

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Double Glazing - Great deals Available Early On In The Year

As with every January and February there are desperate attempts from all industries including the double glazing sector to try and tempt potential customers with a real bargain.

The truth is that there are very good deals to be found, but the usual research in to products and companies still must be done for peace of mind and to get the right approach.

PVC Fitters need feeding with work and vans need to be on the road, its as simple as that.

A lot of business's survive January from what was organised before Christmas but still need the cushion of having work to run straight on to. Therefore it puts the ball firmly in the customers court to go and get competitive quotes from double glazing firms in their area.

You will find all kinds of work ranging from windows and composite doors/ Rockdoors  to fascias and gutters being really good value for money, something that may not be on offer further in to the year when things always pick up.

So for the home owners that didn't panic pre Christmas about getting their windows installed for the holidays, there is a better deal on offer and being patient will really pay off.

With lots of snow and bad weather since mid December there are lots of snow and wind damaged fascias, soffits and guttering. So the best time to have this fixed is in the first two months of the year as it will be far more affordable than at any other time of the year.

Remember as the clock is ticking in towards the spring and summer months, the more work builds up and companies availability will go down, therefore raising overall prices. So its is important to get your double glazing quotes early on and it may surprise you at how much you can save.

Company information

More technical information on varying types of doors, windows and conservatories can be found here as we have been collecting knowledge and giving the professional finish for 23 years. Contact us or browse our website @    Southport Doors & Double Glazing

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Double Glazing - Invest In The Best You Can Afford

With double glazing it is important more than ever to invest in the highest grade of glazing you can possibly afford. Even if that means waiting a while until  you are ready to go.

With technology moving quicker than ever in the glazing industry to keep up its beneficial to do research in to what you are trying to buy, what is being offered and more importantly what are they trying to sell you and what is its heat retention value.

With triple glazing on the horizon and aluminium making a grand re entry to the residential sector, potential buyers can be bombarded with all kinds of specifications and ratings. No doubt from a novice point of view it can be hard to find out exactly which is the spec you require.

Don't only think of the windows in the property, the front and back doors need attention too as they are a notorious source of drafts and cold spots.

The larger the area of glass the more important it is to invest in Argon filled cavities between the glass and to possibly think about potentially putting in triple glazing , which will consist of a combination of different energy saving panes of glass and various filled cavities to attain an A + onward status.

Many styles of composite doors already come with certain glass designs triple glazed which not only offer better insulation but also ease of cleaning as the designs are encapsulated within the double glazed unit which sits within the door.

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Double Glazing - Cold Weather Should Be A Wake Up Call For The Future

Blizzard conditions are an extreme example to suggest why people need to upgrade their double glazing to A rated, but the build up to these conditions are a wake up call as to how cold winters are going to get from now on.

Global cycles suggest that it will be more consistent than ever before that when winter comes the short extreme amounts of cold and icy weather will be colder than previously experienced.

The preparation for these winters are in the way of insulating, through cavity insulation, loft insulation and insulating double glazing.

Although lots of people opt for cheaper heat generating multi fuel and wood burners, the heat needs to be retained otherwise the whole process is pointless.

And with energy bills strangely always being put up at the colder times of the year, the long term money saving option is a viable one. Investment in the correct products is the only way that the family can be assured lower bills and a more comfortable warmer home environment in extreme weather conditions year in year out.

Upgrading the front door of your home to the newer composite doors which carry far better U values will prevent a large cold area in the hall way, as the front door which sometimes consists of side frames and fanlights cover a large area.
Any heat generated in the hall way will be pointless and lost, so the cold air will flow through the house eliminating any other warmer areas.

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Double Glazing Gives Lifestyle These Days.

With the Double glazing on offer these days you are buying much more than just windows as it is a lifestyle that you are investing in. 

Never before have the windows and doors available been so contributing to the quality of life within the home, especially as the weather continually gets worse every year.

The warm, secure quiet atmospheres in the home gives peace of mind that the family is benefiting from the modern age of glazing and advanced insulating techniques.

Not only insulating and retaining heat but also starting to deal with the effects of condensation and moisture control.

Most people would relate lifestyle purchases to high quality branded vehicles or far flung trips, but the truth is that the difference the best double glazing can offer makes sure that the lifestyle within the home gives a peaceful respite from the day to grind of chasing the better lifestyle breadwinners require.

All the children in the household have safe, secure, dry and quiet environments to carry out any homework and studies efficiently with no undesirable weather or condensation effects. 

With the intention of eventually introducing triple glazing and a whole new process of making the home eve more efficiently insulated the lifestyle will only get better for any proud home owner.

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