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There is a lot of confusion as to who can and can't replace their windows and doors in conservation areas. 
It depends on how old the property is, what the existing conservation order states , who is deciding (as in which planning committee in which area) and what other alterations have been accepted in the same areas.

The main aim of the planning department is to uphold the appearance and features of dwellings in certain areas that have been given a  preservation order to retain its look for many years to come.

The problems arise when old less affective materials where used and start to perish and deteriorate. 
Is the customer entitled to come in to the 21st century given the fact that there may be some circumstances that will benefit the properties without the look of the home being changed. 

Does the proposed materials actually alter the state or appearance of the home. 

To switch from white Timber windows in soft wood to white PVC windows wouldn't be such a problem. 
We could understand if you where to change the colours and styles of the existing which are extremely difficult to maintain and to start off with a bad choice of type of timber. Therefore you would have every house in the area looking different like a normal estate in any part of the country and that is what their intention is to prevent. Plans where accepted on teh basis the properties would stay as agreed.

A soft wood timber window even if kept well can only last approximately 10 to 15 years tops. The cost of up keeping this paintwork not to mention the constant need to replace double glazed units that are always failing. 

This is due to the actual glazed unit sitting in its own water. If the sun is hot enough and the timber soft enough the unit will eventually move very slightly.
Not much but enough to reveal a small pin prick of a hole. This is enough to allow a small amount of water within the 2 panes . 
Once this has happened the unit has failed as you will see a small drop of water can create a lot of condensation within the unit and ruin the outlook of the windows and doors. 

If you are buying a  property that is over a certain age such as over 100 to 200 or more years old then the conservation order would have been in place for preservation purposes along time ago and you know exactly what you are getting in to when buying the property. 

The timber windows in the very old homes would originally have been made of good quality hard wood and treated thereon in.

A house that was built at the turn of the 21st century with poor soft wood timber frames that will easily perish if not protected once may be twice a year is i think a different story. This is obviously a major overlook of the developers and planning department when previously setting the conservation orders.

There are many communities that have such restrictions throughout the country and should be given the opportunity to upgrade their quality of living within their home by increasing the overall U - Values and heat retention of the property and maybe in some way save a little money after the initial outlay of new windows and doors. As long as the items are changed like for like i think it should be a positive proposition and seriously considered.


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