How To Fix PVC windows.

Many people having previously bought double glazing may have broken parts or wear and tear after years of over use or lack of regular maintenance. 

To maintain PVC windows is important as it will prevent any further expensive outlays for minor breakages down the line. 

Spray oiling all moving parts and including hinges and shoot bolts, along with the entire underside of the openers where the small cams sit. these locate in to the window keeps on closing the window. These all need spraying as these are the first parts to seize up. With windows left open it allows the elements to attack the metal moving parts.
The most common part of a PVC window that fails is the double glazed unit that sits inside the window. This is not an easy repair for a novice to complete. It will take an accurate measure in width depth and thickness. It will also take an expert and their tools to remove and install , so its an idea to leave this to the experts.

It is easy to replace a broken handle which is one of the most common failures to a PVC window. These can be bought at PVC outlets and DIY stores.The video below demonstrates the ease of change. Most window handles should fit another regardless of age as the spacings between the fixing screws are the same. This is not the case with door handles as the spacings between the screws and the handle spindle differ a lot from brand to brand. 

The other major flaw in many windows is the silicone seals internally and externally. It is important to keep up on any gaps that appear due to the PVC window frame expanding and contracting throughout the day. Firstly remove the entire run of the silicone and clean off with a PVC solvent or similar solution. Use the best silicone you can afford and be advised by the DIY shop. It may be more beneficial to use decorators caulk internally as it easy to paint over. There is a step by step guide to silicone sealing below. 

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