Warmer Winters With New Double Glazing ::::: Southport | Merseyside

Its unnatural to start thinking about winter when the cold weather has just gone.

But good planning and good quality products will ensure the home you're family lives in is a completely different environment next winter.

The image shows the newest style and technology in PVC windows and general A rated double glazing that is available.

Note the inside chambers of the windows are insulated as well as reinforced to prevent too much expansion in the heat.

As standard the windows are internally glazed. 1) for security reasons . 2) for ease of installation so it prevents double glazed units being carried up ladders. 3) for better U values and air leakage performance.

The image also illustrates a triple glazed unit sitting in the window as opposed to a double glazed unit people are most familiar with. These systems are available now and will be more common over the next 2 years as insulating and heat retention goes to another level. 

The panes of glass are adhered together by a compound and spaced apart by spacer bars. The spacer bars  function as conductors of heat and allow the edge of the glass to attain a 3 to 4 degrees warmer state to try to combat the effects of condensation.

This set up in the image is representative of all A rated windows being installed now except for the triple glazed status.

The profile of the actual PVC window part are also more contemporary and desirable than previously as attention to aesthetics is just as important as the functionality of new double glazing for the perfect effect.

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Beautiful Windows :: Double Glazing Make Over

With the weather getting better and many proud home owners are having a chance to get in the garden have a good look at their property. Eyeing up the potential work needed will probably involve new double glazing or fascias.

Even if the windows that are fitted at the moment are PVC the chances are that they will need replacing if they are over 10 years old or more.

The benefits speak for themselves as windows and doors are far more insulating than ever before and it will be very beneficial when the colder weather comes in the autumn. Considering the winter just gone which lasted a month or so more than expected it would be a great idea to insulate more.

Easy to keep black with white available internally

Not only will the energy conservation be beneficial but the overall cosmetics of the property as there are many different colours and styles in windows available to give that bespoke look over your neighbours. 

Make your house stand out with Irish oak effect or be bold and go for the creams or greys. Or be conservative and clever with maintenance and cleaning in mind and go for the black grained windows.

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