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French doors or sliding patio doors are a great double glazing idea to bring in more light .

They will also give the room more dimension and the sense of space as the light floods through.They are great idea for a room with minimal light which also can allow access to the patio or garden

Transforming and converting a window into a set of double glazed French doors is quite easy and you will see the benefits straight away. This can be a bit more costly as the removal of the window and brickwork below needs to done. Along with any making good the plaster work, skirting and tread board internally.

Although it seems like it could be a potential huge messy job, the truth is that it can be done sometimes within a day in good weather.

A Converted Window To French Doors

The same can be done for the sliding patio doors, but usually smaller openings will be installed with French doors. 

The double glazed sliding patio doors can span larger areas as French doors have a smaller overall threshold in width. This is due to too much weight in the doors causes them to drop, so the openers can only go to a certain size.

The overall security has never been better as the hooks, roller cams and deadbolts give peace of mind that they can't be prised open . There is also the added option of upgrading the key cylinder to an anti -snap lock to prevent any break ins from technical minded thieves.

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