Benefits Of PVC Windows

UPVC windows and doors are the best choice for any property as they have so many major benefits.

  •  Extremely low in maintenance – never need painting and only require an occasional clean
  • They will never rot, warp or corrode
  • have excellent flexibility in designs and styles to suite any property
  • They are a far more environmentally friendly option than other double glazed alternatives
  •  They are available in a whole range of colours and finishes
  • They are made to measure each individual homes needs
  • Have the option of  double glazing or triple glazing.
  • They have the option of insulting upgrades
  • More energy efficient than other types of double glazed windows, especially if fitted with A Rated glazing
  • Can withstand any weather condition, including extreme heat and coastal conditions

Convert Your Timber and old Aluminium Windows to PVC Windows and Doors

Converting your old existing windows to PVC is actually much easier than you might think.  The first thing is to determine the style and colour which will suite your home  best. 

You can measure these yourself but it will be better to have the professional to do it for you, as they are experts at measuring windows and you can feel assured that they will fit correctly. 

Because PVC windows are generally made to size, they can fit any existing window opening, even those that are awkwardly or unusually shaped.  The double glazed frames will be made off site and then be delivered ready for installation. 


The professionals will happily install the windows and all of the associated hardware and make sure that they are weather tight, open and close correctly, and that the glazing used is to the correct ratings standard.

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