Buying Windows And Having Them Fitted Separately Can Cause Problems

Credit crunch penny pinching could cost you getting the job that your home deserves. Although there are ways to save money when looking at having double glazing fitted there is one to be beware of.

Some customers who wish to get some double glazing installed can sometimes take the route of trying to measure their windows or doors themselves and then ask around for a competitive price from individual fitting teams.

This is a very tricky and risky strategy as each individual opening for a window will pose certain skill sets needed from an experienced surveyor.That particular person will need to have come across the majority of different problems and types of property experience to get the job to an acceptable standard.

Its not even guaranteed that  the installation team will have the experience required as they are predominantly installation and don't use the same fore sight needed to have the PVC windows and doors function correctly and look aesthetically pleasing.

The other main problem is liability problems as PVC double glazing is not cheap and each frame is bespoke to that particular window opening. If you measure wrong, no matter how good at measuring you think you are you will overlook something and it is an expensive mistake. If the fitting team you have dug out prefer to measure then the liability is going to be a bit difficult as they are not a proper company. You will not have a contract or liability cover for surveying and fabrication mistakes.

Although the option of buying windows and then having them fitted separately is going to be cheaper you cant guarantee the finish the team will give you, and the whole process offers far more headaches and a lesser job overall.

There will be no submission to regulated double glazing organisations. Nor will there be an insurance backed guarantee or even the offer of one. It will also be likely that the installation process wont be covered with an installation guarantee of ten years. Neither will the actual double glazing product you bought from the window supplier in the first place.

Who will get rid of all the old windows and doors?
What happens if you're not happy with the finish or fitting work?
What happens if they damage your property or something inside it?
What happens if there is a snag and you try to get the team back? good luck.
What happens when you come to sell the house and you can't prove the energy ratings of the new windows and doors as they will be very important in the future. Will it affect your property price?

Finding the best overall product and installation from the same company is the safest way to get the double glazed home improvements that you need. Remember that its not always the cheapest option that will be the best deal in the long run. 

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