More Benefits Of PVC windows And Doors Compared To Timber Windows

There are certain windows in the home that will benefit from A rated PVC Double glazing.

Bathrooms are notoriously very steamy places and will suffer badly from condensation latching on to the glazing. The Argon gas insulated cavities between the 2 panes of glass will act as a bridge between the inside and out. Along with warm edge glazing technology it will almost prevent any prolonged  major steam from building up.The option of trickle vents in the windows is an added feature for particularly steamy rooms which have small venting openers.

Kitchen windows and windows nearby windows will suffer the same problems, as cooking causes the same effect.

There are massive benefits to upgrading to PVC windows from timber also.
Mould and black marking is noticeable on old timber frames .All around the inner edge of the pane where damp starts to collect, it  beds itself in and manifests . This is not preventable on timber windows.

Once at this stage it is irreversible and can't be treated as it will come back exactly the same as before and be an eyesore for as long as the windows are in. The PVC frames are usually white on the inner side and can be wiped over really easily. 

The maintenance on a PVC Window is minimal and as long as they are kept well they will look great and bypass their guarantee no problem.

A lot of bathrooms and kitchens which are currently timber windows can be a dark colour or stained inside. With the transformation to new bright white PVC Windows,  it opens up the room completely, and gives a clean fresh look that is easy to clean .Knowing that the added benefit is that they will perform the way you need in these steamy busy rooms. It is an idea to use spray oil on hinges and any metal working parts on show on these heavily steamed up rooms regularly.

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