5 Tips To Keep PVC Windows And Doors Looking Great.

More and more home owners are starting to notice that their original PVC windows installed a while back are starting to look a bit tired and grimy.

Especially if they are white PVC it will be far more noticeable, and even worse if the neighbours get some new double glazing installed and show yours up. So its time to take action... and no need to call in the professionals. 

With a little care , the right products and easy guidance you will keep your PVC windows looking as good as the day they were installed.

1)  Buy a good solvent cleaner , ideally a good grade one that your installation team will be using. Use only on the white profile in sweeping motions. Always have the room well vented.

2) Try and get the same grade glass cleaner . You will only ever need use glass cleaner on glass. Anything else could cause damage.

3) Cream cleaners are for scratches on the actual profile of the white window. Make sure to buff the residue off . Never on the glass

4) Stay away from the internal silicone seals with too much solvent. Depending on how good the silicone grade is, it might start to take it off. Make sure the silicone used especially inside is the best your fitting team can get hold of to prevent any furring or pealing in the future.

5) If you  have really dirty exteriors on white windows and doors and live by a busy road and the above cleaners aren't doing the trick, a little tip is to use some T-cut and remembering to remove the residue. 

Then finish off with some solvent to bring the PVC back up.
 In some cases you can use a very fine sand paper used on car body work known as wet & Dry sandpaper and this will take out very fine scratches on the PVC windows and doors.

Its best to use this gently and not too much pressure. Also make sure its the correct product from the DIY store.Use the solvent liberally after this technique.

It will bring the UPVC back to as good as anything on the market. After using this, a standard multi-purpose none bleach, none abrasive cleaner will do regularly. 

Only ever use the above techniques on white windows, doors and fascias. Wood grained foiled windows or composite products need alternative treatments which will be in a further blog post.

remember to maintain all metal working parts with a spray oil every 3 to 6 months to stop any functional seizing.

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