The importance of rmaintenance on all your PVC Windows and Doors.

The importance of regular maintenance and WD40 on all your PVC Windows and Doors.

Many people are aware of sprayed multi purpose oils such as wd40 and their benefits on house hold goods. 

The same can also be used on all PVC products especially the working parts. By liberally coating all hinges , roller cams, keyholes, locking strips and hooks every 6 months you will prevent the damp air and condensation ruining your costly purchases.

Most people over look this and end up having to replace hinges on windows being the most common repair.
This type of spray can also be used to clean the exterior coloured foiled windows, such as mahogany and Rose wood grains.

And it is one of the very few applications that any installer would recommend you using on the new generation of coloured composite doors. It not only cleans and leaves a glossy finish but protects as well.

Don't use on any white plastic PVC or any glass as it is intended for metal and foiled finishes only.

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