Cheaper Isn't Always Better In PVC windows..Beware !!

There are so many different types of window profile out there that different companies are using so from a novice point of view you would never tell the difference between them.

A window is a window ..right?

Not quite.There are major differences between them in 

Security |  depending on which choice of hardware a manufacturer decides to use it will be to maximise profits and bought in bulk. The cheaper the profile usually means the cheaper the hardware and only a 12 month warranty on working parts. Check warranties on all parts of the windows you are purchasing as different parts will have differing length of time. 

Durability | All PVC windows and doors will be more durable than a standard timber window but certain parts of the construction of the PVC window will give in before guarantees run out.
parts such as in proper drainage, internal rubber gaskets, blown double glazed units through poor fabrication and a typical one is warping beads through extreme heat .

Aesthetics | The look and design of a top quality window will show itself immediately. Along with good fabrication. As far as aesthetics and profiles are concerned there are a range of sculptured designs and bevelled ones. Traditionally a PVC window tends to be quite simple in design, but over the last 10 years there have been  a few brand in windows which have been over sculptured and a bit too ornate. Its all down to taste and what suites the property.

 Insulating Properties | Not all manufacturers invest the same amount in design and innovation to further their brand, although some window brands do . Although nearly all will attain an A rated status some lesser window profiles need a lot of extra work to attain it and may let you down.. 

 Fabrication | The quality of the fabricator should stand out a mile when comparing widows and doors. Pay particular attention to welds and how well the beads have been mitred or scribed in. Does the profile use old rubber gasket or the new Q Lon gasket.?
Does the sample cross section of profile show several chambers in construction to give it strength.?
Is the PVC window  fabricated in a machine based factory well invested in and set up for a mass turn over, or is bob and his bunch of Trainees making them in a work shop up the road?

Trust me it will make a huge difference in finish quality. Always invest in the best product you can afford as inferior products will let you down, even if it means waiting another month or so. Research is the key to getting the right double glazing.

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  3. Hi there

    I love this article so much , i have been learning to it with my every revisit.
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