Beware of FREE deals on PVC Windows and doors as they are not all what they seem.

To draw customers in there are a few double glazing firms that use time wasting antics such as free extra window or free door with x amount of windows. This on the face it seems to be a good deal as a back door could cost in the region £ 550 upwards.

But inevitably you will be paying for it within the price as you will never see the actual cost of materials , or the profit margin they wish to make on your new PVC windows and doors.
As each individual home and specification required is different there is no way of using a friend or neighbours price as a bench mark as to whether the quote is genuine.

There is also the practise of advertising a " from " price when listing windows and doors which will never be the price you pay as it will be the lowest price for the smallest, cheapest  window or door they can actually afford to sell and install. A lot of these adverts have  marks next them such as  ( * ) and lower down on the page out of eye line  it will say subject to size and specification.

It is an advertising ploy that is designed to get potential customers in to start a discussion with reps so that they can start to do their business.

There are also the companies that state 50% off or 35% off ? as this can't be verified as what the %  off really is i wouldn't believe in it much. As the prices are usually so escalated to begin with that after the price reduction it would end up being what you were going to pay anyway. This may be useful in general shopping stores for clothes and food as each and every can or coat is the same in its range. Windows and doors are completely bespoke to each individuals needs and measurements.


But the ultimate strategy when looking to purchase new windows and doors is not believe everything that you read,  and that nothing is free. It is just down to how low one firm will go against another with their profit margins. And good judge of character along with gut feeling is what's needed in such a situation.

Generally double glazing companies and its industry is a very clean one and has improved its image massively over the last decade. A lot of it is down to memberships to government backed organisations that have gotten rid of the cowboys and quality has gone up as has the competition.

Rather than looking at cheapest overall price it would be better to get a local window company with a good reputation, gallery of previous jobs and high quality double glazing that you trust as not all double glazing is the same. Cheaper is not always better -  it can cost you problems in the long run.

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