prices set to go up again autumn 2012.

Energy prices set to go up again autumn 2012. Bite back and retain your heat.

With energy companies due to up the cost of heating this year , it is more important than ever to start to conserve your hard earned money.


Although new double glazing can initially be a costly one  it will stand you in good stead for the near future and prevent the thermostat being turned up so high. Conserving all the heat in the main rooms in home is something that seriously needs to be considered.  The one certain thing is that they are not going to come down and if they do it is temporary.

A Rated windows are a certainty and are here to stay and will make a massive difference in the quality of living in the home and the outlay to energy companies.
It is not always necessary to swap all the double glazing at once as certain rooms are colder than others along with the size of the windows and glazing being a lot larger in some rooms.

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