Trickle vents on windows and doors

The rule of thumb when it come down to whether or not to install trickle vents in to your new double glazed windows is :: 

If the existing windows or doors have already got vents in,  then then they must be replaced with windows that have vents in them also. 

By building regulation,  the windows and doors fitted in a new build house or an extension must also have trickle vents installed.

Even though some people may think that they are unsightly and contradict the purpose of draft proof double glazing they must be installed. They have an open an close option so that the trickle of air that passes through will be a minimal one or stopped in the closed position.

They are important in the cause of combating damp and moisture problems in the new home or extension.
It is also important that when surveying the new windows that enough frame is left for the upper plastered reveal. Sometimes it is easier for your window company to use a frame extender on the head of the window to cover for this. Alternatively they can be fitted on fabrication in the sash openers, but don't look as good as having them in the head of the window.


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