Autumn brings the reminder of the condensation problem.

Autumn brings the reminder of the condensation problem.

All glazing that is un rated in windows will bring the same problems year in year out as the weather turns.

With cold air outside and the warm inside the only place for the moisture in the rooms is to latch on to the coldest place. Which usually means the glass in the windows.

Depending on how much moisture is created in any home will depend on how much attaches itself to the glazing.

It can range from a small  " U " shaped band around the lower part of the glass,   to the whole pane being saturated.


With A Rated windows the barrier between outside and inside helps to prevent any moisture latching on as it is no longer the coldest part of the room . 

Added to the that the the warm edge glazing that tries to combat  effects of condensation.

The warm edge glazing uses a therm conductor space bar between the 2 panes of glass which hold its temperature along the edge of the glass up to 3 or 4 degrees more than usual.

Not all the effects of condensation can be combated as different households have varying amounts of moisture being produced. 
Kids , pets , cooking, exercising, drying washing in the home all contribute on top of 2 people living in a home.

A conscious effort to reduce moisture being produced in the home can help and prevent the condensation from ruining the glazing beads and rubbers on the windows, but inevitably it will appear day after day.

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