Replacement Double Glazing - refresh your home.

Replacement Double Glazing will refresh your property and save you money.

Tired old windows in a Well kept house are always going to let the side down. The old existing PVC Double glazing that was probably installed around 15 years ago may on the first glance be OK,  and cleaned regularly but the fact is that

 1) They are never going to look up to date and fresh with modern contemporary designs and colours and 

2) Never going to be able to retain any heat at all.


Plane old double glazing is fine for keeping out the rain and wind , but heat will pass through the glazing as if it doesn't exist.

 A lot of people are still under the influences from the 80's and 90's that 2 pieces of glass will suffice. Unfortunately not if you want to conserve energy and money.
For some strange reason house builders tend to install the main radiator for rooms directly under some windows ?   So with all that heat being generated and the thermostat turned right up in the winter, most of it is disappearing straight through the windows.

At least with new Rated Double Glazing any heat created in that particular room with be contained in that room,  therefore allowing boilers to be turned down , or off.

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