5 Tips To Combating Condensation On Windows.

Condensation is a problem the world over and that can manifest itself over a period of time and begin to cause maintenance as well as health problems. Damp issues, plastering problems , mould spores and so on can be a property nightmare.

It usually shows itself in the form of droplets around the edge of windows which is the consequence of the cold outside making the window pane the coldest part of the room. The moisture warmer air inside carrying the generated moisture will naturally latch itself on to glass as it is the point where warm meets cold.

The warmer the moisture inside, and the colder of the exterior - the more dramatic the condensation will be. You will notice this when cooking and boiling food without ventilation as it completely makes the panes obscured.

We all create condensation when breathing, exercising, cooking, drying clothes, showering and so on. So the more people there are in a home and pets included, the more moisture is generated.

There are a few things that you can take into account to combat the effects of condensation on windows, and are as follows..

1) Use a dehumidifier | designed to do the job but 1 will not work for the whole of the house so they can be expensive and sometimes noisy.

2) Don't use blackout sheets or blankets over curtains for a darker room. This will insulate the cold air immediately around the window area and not allow any condensation to disperse at all.

3) Although there is bad weather during winter months and tumble dryers are expensive, try not to dry too much clothing indoors. If so use plenty of ventilation near by. Remember the evaporating water needs to go somewhere.

4) An old school tip from yesteryear | Taking a potato and slicing it in half rub it around the bottom in the U shape that usually develops. After applying it, buff the excess off but without completely removing all together. The enzymes in the potato repel the latching process of condensation. Not guaranteed though , try on one window and see the difference.

5) Upgrade your Double to Glazing to A Rated | with warm edge glazing, Argon gas filled cavities, insulated profile and 2 lots of energy efficient glass its the safest bet of combating all the effects of condensation in the home. But it still needs to be remembered that moisture reduction and ventilation will always help a lot.

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