Q-Lon Gasket In PVC Windows

Q-Lon Gasket In PVC Windows Benefits Greatly Over Standard Rubber Ones

With constant evolution of PVC windows and Doors it is important to realise that  not all PVC double glazed windows are the same. To the unknowing it is a simple overview most customers make when shopping around for home improvements and upgrades to their home.

Something as simple as using the Q Lon gasket improves a windows performance and guarantees years worth of draft free living. 

The old style of rubber gaskets compress easily. Considering most windows are closed for long periods of time throughout the year and taking into consideration the hot and cold temperatures through the year then the rubber starts to stay in the position it is accustomed to. 

The rubber will never regain the zero air leakage status it had when new unless replaced.

Opposed to that double glazing that uses the Q Lon system keeps the zero air leakage status all through its guarantee and beyond.  It is designed to spring back into shape and not perish with the effect of the elements. 

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