Second Generation PVC Windows And Doors

Looking at the windows on your property at first glance may look aesthetically sound.

Ask your self when they were installed and if they were fitted over 12 - 15  years ago then the chances are that they are doing you no favours.

Although the actual plastic part of the window profile will never look any different as long as well maintained. The fact is that they are detrimental to the whole energy efficiency and security of your well looked after home. 

As energy prices will never really come down and consistently rise, your hard earned money you work and save for is being lost directly through the ineffective double glazing. 

Add to that the the condensation problem every household with poor original windows will have.

Not only are there the quality of living benefits when upgrading to second generation double glazing , but also the security aspect.

A lot of the existing old PVC windows were externally glazed, which means that the double glazed units that sit into the actual window frame were put in from the outside.

This brings security problems as the glazing beads that clip in to hold in the glazed unit in are accessible from the exterior and prone to being attacked by burglars.

These external beading systems also make these older PVC windows thermally inefficient and will have no energy saving attributes whatsoever. 

Any heat generated within the room will pass through the glazing as if it were not there. Bog standard 1st generation PVC glazing will stop wind and rain but that is about it.

Investing in new 2nd generation windows and doors will ultimately save a household between £300 and £500 a year, not to mention the better quality of living, no condensation problems and dramatically reduced noise pollution.

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