Argon gas in PVC window glazing

Argon gas filled cavities in your PVC windows brings massive benefits

Buying PVC windows with the glazing filled with Argon gas will benefit the living quality in your home massively. 

The gas acts as a bridge between the the outside and inside of the glazing. Normally the cavities between the window panes are an empty one and  allows heat to pass through with ease, and vice versa cold inwards.

With the option of having 2 panes of energy glass available combined with the gas it creates an A Rated Double glazed unit.

The benefits aren't just the heat retention but along with it come the noise pollution reduction.

The other benefit is the reduction in condensation as the actual inner pane of glass is bridged so well that it it is not technically the coldest part of the rooms in many homes, so the moisture doesn't latch on to it.

Condensation levels will vary from household to household and it is a system to" try" to combat the effects.

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