Upgrade The Locks In Your PVC Doors

Standard locks also known as cylinders or barrels are not up to the grade any more as far as preventing a determined up to date house burglar from breaking and entering you home.
The essential part of the whole locking system in PVC doors is the cylinder, bypass this small part and the door will engage and open freely.
Some of the new tricks that are being used are 

Bumping | A  set of skills will be needed for this as it is not easy but can be practised and perfected unfortunately. A blank key is used to imitate the usual key by cutting triangles into the blank , 1 for each pin. with the key in turned position the house breaker taps the end of the key
 ( bumping) the pins jump and find their sheer line and the key is allowed to turn therefore gained entry and no proof of anything illegal has happened. A nightmare for insurers.

Drilling | This where the cylinder barrel is drilled through straight down the sheer line drilling through each pin. 

Snapping | Where the intruder uses simple tools such as a screw a screw diver and a claw hammer. There are various techniques for this depending on the type of door handle and lock.This is the most popular amongst intruders and is very effective and very quick. Almost any door without an anti snap lock will be bypassed very easily with this technique.It can take a quick as 10 seconds and they're in.

Extraction | Where the actual lock is subjected to one of the mentioned above then forced outwards with a claw hammer.

It would be wise to upgrade every PVC door or composite door lock to Anti snap/bump/drill standard. Ordering your PVC door with these will be easier and ask your double glazing installer/supplier for the upgrade options.

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