Self Cleaning Glass In PVC Windows.

There has been the availability of self cleaning glass for a while but the price has been quite high.

It has taken years for it to come down to a reasonable cost and more and more customers are thinking about installing it when having new PVC windows fitted.

The main use for this glass has been in conservatory roofs where it gave massive advantages over polycarbonate roofing panels. Such as less noise on downpours, the upgrades to A rated and gas filled cavities and the main one which is the self cleaning ability which gives a clear roof all year round.

these advantages are also an option when buying new windows and doors and at a more affordable price than previously. It is important to realise that it will still be more expensive than a standard unit but with greater benefits.

Brief description of self cleaning glass ::

A transparent coating on the outside of the glass harnesses the power of both sun and rain to efficiently remove dirt and grime.

Exposure to the UV rays triggers the decomposition of dirt and prevents it from sticking to the surface of the glass. It also turns it “hydrophilic” meaning that when it rains the water sheets across the glass, without forming droplets, washing way the broken down residues. 
Only a small amount of sunlight is needed to activate the coating so the self-cleaning function will works on cloudy days too.  A simple rinse of water during dry spells will help keep windows and conservatories clean.


Self-cleaning glass does not need to be cleaned as frequently as normal glass. However it is not 100% maintenance free. It is kept clean using natural elements present in UV light from the sun and rain so the “chore” of window cleaning is considerably reduced.
  • Less cleaning – glass stays cleaner for a lot longer
  • Much easier – less dirt and grime attaches to the glass.
  • Saves money – the cost of window cleaning is reduced,
  • perfect for hard to reach areas – such as roofs and high windows
  • Permanent  – it  lasts the lifetime of the window itself.
  • Environmentally friendly – less frequent use of water and detergents
Self-cleaning glass can be combined with many other products for multi-functional glazing, such as thermal and solar control, noise reduction and enhanced safety and security.


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