Replacing double glazing for winter? what about your Fascias and Soffits ?

With most people panicking about the winter and cold it brings. A lot of people forget about the damage that can be caused to your fascias and gutters from the really bad weather over the coming months.

With the wind and rain , sleet and possible snow on its way the old timber fascias never get a chance to dry out and spend most of the next 4 months damp. This is obviously detrimental to the roof space that is directly behind the fascias. 

Especially with most houses having extra insulation put up in the loft, you would never have any tell tale signs coming from the roof space that there is any problems starting.

The PVC fascia boards protect the eaves of the roof from all the elements and protects the customer from a heavy outlay for a new roof.

It is a hidden problem that occurs and doesn't present itself in the same way that rotting double glazing does.


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