5 tips to getting cheaper PVC windows!!

Sometimes it is a case of " you get what you pay for" and to a certain extent it is true with double glazing as with everything you buy in life.

But there are few tips to gain a bit more for your money.

1) Buying extra windows rather than 1 or 2 at a time | This may sound strange but the fitters need to be paid for the full day even though they have fitted 2 windows. If you had 4 or more windows and doors combined they would be paid the same but be fitting more during that day. This would be reflected in the fitting time v job price , especially if you were contemplating ordering more quite soon.

2) Old school bartering | Everyone has good intentions of starting a bartering war as soon as it comes down to the nitty gritty face to face, but end up being very British and shrink at the vital moment. If you get a quote via post or over Internet then go back to the company and ask is there any movement in price in return for a job confirmation. Most double glazing firms will prefer something from every job rather than loose out to a competitor.

3) Group Buying | Try incorporating neighbours, family or work colleagues. Something that all window firms want is a recommends. Working on a similar Principal, If you do the legwork first and try to get someone on board when ordering then a discount for both or more jobs can spread evenly. The promise of extra work from 1 job is too tempting for any business and puts the ball firmly in your court when talking prices. Just make sure all separate jobs get separate individual invoices and certificates.

4) Buy white buy simplicity | White PVC windows will always be the cheapest colour. And the more simple the design the cheaper it will be. The more materials, welds and fabrication time needed will start escalate the price of a window.

5) Buy C Rated PVC Windows and doors | It may sound like you are settling for second best but all windows are energy rated by law. Which means that any double glazed window bought will have insulating properties and have a version of energy saving glass on the inner pane. For customers upgrading from old timber single pane windows this would be a massive difference in heat retention and noise pollution which means lower bills for cheaper windows. And almost no maintenance.

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