Silicone issues on PVC windows

A lot of businesses will sometimes try to maximise profits by buying inferior products and installation materials such as cheaper silicone.

A lot of the cheaper silicone's used to seal PVC windows and doors has a very distinct smell of vinegar. This is the fast curing agents in the silicone making it set quickly. These types of silicones can bring problems in the future such as furring at the edges of the seals when wiped.

Some may begin to come away and peel off like a rubber band. 
Although internally the problems are just cosmetic and make your new windows look aesthetically un pleasing the exterior is a different story.

As with many windows they are prone to expansion and contraction throughout the year and the same goes for the silicone. If a mastic seal expands, contracts and starts to pull away from the window frame , then it will reveal a hole and will continue to do so getting gradually worse over the years. 
With water getting behind the window frames and potentially ending up in the cavities is not good as it can start to cause further repair work that is much more costly than using a top grade natural curing silicone in the first place.

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